60 tons of wagon balances and 60 tons of car platform scales of Shandong of Gansu

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60 tons of wagon balances of Gansu, 60 tons of car platform scales of Shandong

Electronic the intersection of weigher and the intersection of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. and product have good quality in the great Tianjin, the price is reasonable, full service, production and marketing are domestic and foreign.

Walkie motor truck scale characteristic:

1.The single standardization of weighting platform, have 10 o'clock to revise, the maximal precision of improving the products. Have time date to reveal license number stamp number input, instrument and two claim Radix Scrophulariae battery electric quantity monitor, instruct etc.

2.The digitized menu is operated, simple and clear.

3.Can print date, license number, stamp number, axle load, axle group are heavy, gross weight, overweight value and monitoring data such as the unit,etc..

4.Adopt standard the intersection of RS-232 and interface, help with computer linking.

5.Differentiate axletree and tire type to differentiate and overrun automatically automatically.

6.Autotype the complete detection voucher.

7.Can convey the measured data to the upper computer at any time

8.The automatic speed is compensated.

9.Dot matrix display vehicle information of the whole Chinese character.

10.Can store the detection of 1800 to note down.

11.Complete search and statistics function.

12.Two kinds of work patterns of traffic police that the road has stable political situation.

Name: Electronic motor truck scale

Type: SCS

The electronic motor truck scale is classified: Digital electronic motor truck scale, the electronic motor truck scale of unexplosive, walkie electronic axle load appearance

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Systematic composition and function

*DCS-30 type calls Radix Scrophulariae --Install in the foundation pit that is built up in advance, mesa and ground are flat.

*Display unit of dynamic weighing --The specialized instrument of the dynamic weighing, sample for speed 200 times / second, reveal and print and measure the result, and there are very intact Chinese characters that print, count, debug the function.

*Management software of the computer (apolegamy) --Measure balance development for the axle specially, run in WINDOWS 2000 / XP/VISTA, has complete functions, and can specially design or offer users to develop the interface by oneself according to the request of user.

*Large screen display (apolegamy) --It is convenient for driver to see in real time that measures the result. The routine is 3 inches of display units, and can customize arbitrary specification according to the request of user.

Characteristic characteristic:

Ultrathin to measure the platen, light, it is convenient to move.

Box measurement instrument, all-mains, reveals that prints integrating.

Dynamic detection, fast and accurately.

Distinguish and overrun automatically.

Autotype the complete detection voucher.

The measurement instrument can work alone, can upload the measured data to the computer too.

Main technical indicator:

*Weigh the speed

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