The colour light dispels the spot machine price The colour light in Guangzhou dispels the spot machine price

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The nanometer E only cosmetic appearance of freezing point of the Model E500 epilates the prince E mere depilator E and only epilates the appearance freezing point depilator
Import the sapphire crystal and lead the optical character system, Israel imports the xenon lamp.
The intersection of Israel and semi-conductive cooling system airtight to circulate and force the water-cooling system cold and hot interchange system of wind.
Mere technology of latest and the sixth generation of nanometer.
The menu selection of multinational language is customized
Technical parameter
Input power AC220V 10%, 5A, 50Hz (but apolegamy 110V, 50/60Hz) Number 1-15 of the pulse
Power 1500W impulse width 0.1-10.0MS
Spectral range 430nm-1200nm pulse spacing 1-50MS
Pulse energy 1-50J pulse period 1-10S
Facula area 12mm * Energy 1-50w/cm2 of 30mm radio frequency
Host computer size 46cm * 48cm * 113cm net weight 43KG
Pack size 59cm * 63cm * 124cm gross weight 55kg
Applicable scope
Soft skin: Improve the coarse intensity of skin, strengthen the skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle to whiten
Dispel the spot: Freckle, chloasma, sunburn, senile plaque, liver spot, dermis spot, some pigmentation
Epilate permanently: Hair that armpit hair, beard, hair of four limbs, chignon thread, bikini,etc. result in aesthetic problems
Red blood silk: Inborn red the intersection of blood and silk, change red the intersection of blood and silk, red behind the skin
Analeptic: Dark sore, acne, allergia dark sore, dark sore print, the dark sore hole

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