The tester of pressure of 100KN quartz glass 50KN quartz glass compression strength testing machine 10 tons of quartz glass are compressed

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Tester of pressure of 100KN quartz glass, 50KN quartz glass compression strength testing machine, 10 tons of quartz glass compression performance checkout equipment

The tester applicable scope of pressure: The liquid crystal digital display compression testing machine is suitable for the artifical plate, cement products, concrete, carton, well lid, the intersection of iron ores and the intersection of ball and the intersection of group, pipe, air brick, stone material, fire resisting material, rubbery support, red brick,etc. and metallic material and compression strength or pressure-proof to resist, roll over of nonmetallic material, it is the indispensable apparatuses of trades such as the highway, railway, bridge, architecture, building materials, universities and colleges,etc. test chamber.

Brief introduction of pressure tester products: Liquid crystal display electronic the intersection of compression testing machine and speciality according to Inorganic hard heat insulation products test method (GB/T5486-2008) , speciality carry on pressure-proof performance test, shoulder, roll over performance test,etc. to hard thermal insulating material, make fire door, inorganic hard the intersection of heat insulation and the intersection of products and ideal test equipment of trade.

The main technical indicator of the pressure tester:


Door type

The experimental strength of maximum:

0-50KN, 100KN

The stepping of experimental strength:

*1,*2,*5,*10,Four shelves



Experimental strength accuracy:


Displacement definition:


The measurement accuracy of displacement:


Compression stroke:


Test the journey:


The control limit of displacement speed:

The stepping of 1mm/min- 300mm/min is adjustable

The control accuracy of the displacement speed:


The testing machine rank:

1 grade

The indication error out of shape:

Less than or equal to ' 50 0.15L)

The testing machine size:

760*420*1780 mm


Should accord with GB/T2611 requirement

Forming a complete set:

Accord with the standard requirement

Protect the function:

The testing machine has overload protection functions

Electric power supply:

220V, 50Hz


300KG, 400KG, 600KG

Main function and characteristic of the pressure tester:
1.Automatic standardization: But the standardization of automated implementation indicated value accuracy grade of system;
2.Freedom shifts gears: Switch to the appropriate quantum automatically according to the magnitude of testing strength, so as to ensure to measure machine format reliability;
3.Automatic display: In whole test, the experimental strength, crest value of real-time display of liquid crystal;
4.Automatically control: The test parameter is input, can finish the process of the test automatically;
5.Break and break judging: After the sample damage, the automatic shut-down of movable cross-beam moves;
6.Limit protection: Have machinery and programme-controlled two-step limit protection function;
7.The speed control system adopts servomotor and reducer, the characteristic is stable and reliable, have protective devices such as excessive load, overvoltage, over load,etc..
8.The running part adopt the synchronous tooth profile of circular arc, lead, the vice accurate guide screw is transmitted, it is stable to transmit, the noise is low, transmit high efficiency.
10.It is strong in the operation mode to touch, the real-time display of the liquid crystal display, reveal the difficult problem apt to break down after overcoming the outdated nixie tube, and elegant in appearance, convenient and swift.
11.Enclose specially and have: Furnished with standard to be pressure-proof to enclose, have one, shoulder, roll over, enclose, have first.

Pressure tester Quality assurance:
The apparatus is deemed to deliver goods formally after being qualified in the square administrative approval of the order. It takes one year from the third apparatus wraps up one the day when deliver formally. Wrap up in three during this period, the free maintenance service in time of all kinds of troubles that the supplier appears to the apparatus. All kinds of parts to not causing artificially are damaged, change free in time. The other apparatus breaks down in the course of using in guarantee period, the supplier reaches the square service of the order in time, assist to order actively and then finish safeguarding.

Tester of pressure of 100KN quartz glass, 50KN quartz glass compression strength testing machine, 10 tons of quartz glass compression performance checkout equipment

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