's 3000 type digital display springs back the appearance

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- 3000 type digital display springs back the appearance

Facility type: -3000 type Device name: The digital display springs back the appearance Production firm: Sino-Japanese joint-venture Use: Used for testing concrete strength Characteristic: Printed record: Test date (Dt) , examining area (#) , the number of times of springback (No) , the ball hits the angle () , springing back value (Ri) The springing back value (Rm ) before, the angle is revised equally , the corrected value of angle (Ra ) , test the intersection of surface and corrected value (Rat/Rab) , examining area springing back equally value (Rm) , the deep value (dm) of average charring , examining area concrete intension value ( ccu) . On-the-spot test can be the intensity ccu of concrete in the examining area. Printing the recording data can be regarded as the engineering quality evidence and kept and spare. About 2 years (should keep under the circumstances that the low temperature is not the highlight condition) retention period Presume one measurable 1~10 person who examine, can set for, test continuously. Easy to operate: F1 SW switches over the key F2 SW and presumes the key (Dt, dm, # examine the area code) Technical indicator: Play and hit the pattern: Determine the range in direct concrete strength: 10.0- 60.0MPa standard function: 2.207J(0.225kgf m) The definite value of boring rate of steel: 80 2 power: DC6V (battery 1.5V * 4 No. 5) Instrument physical dimension: 105(W) *109(H) *355(L) Instrument quality: 1.65kg

Dispose: Spring back the appearance host computer A piece of recording paper 5 roll batteries 4 grindstones An operating manual A conformity certification An instrument container A guarantee card A part

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