Cast aluminium pigeonhole difference table round to pigeonhole the intersection of difference and the intersection of table and indicator pigeonhole the intersection of difference and table

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Press the brief introduction of difference table products:

K200 presses tables to adopt the frictionless spiral sports of magnet simple in construction badly, pigeonhole difference and count and change the synchronous indicator to indicate rapidly pressing, negative pressure or difference of the low-voltage air or noncorrosive gases is pigeonholed through the linear displacement quantity of the membrane box, have not lagged behind. It does not have inertia that drift about to count the indicator that difference is pigeonholed. Difference presses the function of defending shaking, waving and having overvoltage protection concurrently that the practical design of table makes the products effective. Difference is pigeonholed and does not need to fill the liquid of note in tables, will not present the question of vaporizing, freezing or the peculiar smell arises and adjusting competence etc..

Press the applicable field of the difference table:

Press the difference table and is applied to measuring toilet pressing, negative pressure, difference to pigeonhole extensively; The difference of the clean working bench is pressed and measured; Fan and pressure, the intersection of hole and board and resistance and pigeonhole difference, wind speed, stove pigeonhole the intersection of hole and the intersection of board and bad pigeonhole, the intersection of steam dome and water level and liquid amplifier or hydraulic system of filter of air-blower, the intersection of air and coal gas that use in the combustion process at the same time ratio control and the automatic valve is controlled, and blood pressure and breath pressure in the medical treatment and health care apparatus are monitored

Press the table technical parameter of difference:

Applicable medium: Air and not flammable, compatible gas

Ambient temperature: -20- 70 ¡æ

Specified pressure: -68- 100Kpa

Overvoltage protection: About 172KPAs in the body tables The rubber is filled in and will be reopened

The body precision of the table:


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