Separated electromagnetic flowmeter

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First, brief introduction of product:
DXLDF type Separated electromagnetic flowmeter The measurement principle is based on Faraday's electromagnetic induction law, the split type electromagnetic flowmeter is made up of sensor and converter, the sensor is installed in measuring the pipeline, the converter is installed from in 30 meters of sensors or 100 meters of inner occasions, shielded cable link between the two. The sensor key component of the separated electromagnetic flowmeter is: Meter tube, electrode, field coil, core and frame yoke shell. Mainly for measuring closing the volume flow rate in conducting liquid and slurry in the pipeline. Such as water, sewage, mud, paper pulp, various acid, alkali, saline solution, food slurry,etc., apply to trade's, environmental protection, municipal administration such as the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmacy, papermaking managing extensively, fields such as water conservancy construction,etc. measure the high temperature, high and wet, the environment that it is inconvenient to observe.
Second, products characteristic
1,Suitable for being greater than the flow measurement of the fluidic volume of 5§è s/cm electric conduction in electric conductivity.
2,Measurement is intraductal and adiaphorous and choked flow part, pressure loss are little
3,Lining and electrode with different materials have good antisepticizing the characteristic
4,Do not receive the influence of the medium, density, degree of viscosity, temperature, pressure and electric conductivity
5,The intersection of low frequency and the intersection of square wave and agitation, not easy to interfering with, can be stable and reliable
6,The converter consumes energy too low, installs simple and convenient, users to need to debug
Third, technical parameter:
Accuracy class:


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